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Frequently Asked Questions
1.   What is there on indianroommates site and whom it is useful to?
2.   Is indianroommates site just for Indian resident?
3.   Is registration to the site chargeable?
4.   What are advantages of PREMIUM MEMBER?
6.   Is it possible that I might not find a deal for required room/roommates even after becoming a premium member?
7.   How can I delete my Advertisement?
8.   How much brokerage do you charge once the deal is done?
9.   Where should I contact if I face any problem on site while operating it?
10.   How do I become a Premium Member?
11.   Why should I Login to the site and check my account regularly?
Q : 1 What is there on indianroommates site and whom it is useful to?
Ans: Indianroomates provide a complete solution for people who are in search for room as well as people who wants to lend a room for rent or share a room. It brings both the interested party on one platform which eventually helps them in reaching fruitful desired results.
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Q : 2 Is indianroommates site just for Indian resident?
Ans: No. This is open for all the people who are in search for room/roommates and also for all who have a room to offer and are searching for a roommate.

Q : 3 Is registration to the site chargeable?
Ans: Registration to the site is absolutely free. However, we have kept small fee if you want to contact other roommates. This is kept so that only genuine people can send the messages and no spamming is done in the website. By charging this amount we don’t have intention to earn any money, but from this money we will be able to advertise site more and you will be having benefit of having better chances of finding roommate.

Q : 4 What are advantages of PREMIUM MEMBER?
Ans: Below stated are few prominent advantages of becoming a premium member to our site:
  1. Ability to contact unlimited members without any restrictions during the membership period.
  2. Being a premium member the visibility of you membership shall be more compared to just registered users.
  3. Amount that we charge for our membership is nearly NIL as compared to the amount that you shall have to shell out to broker for finding a room or a roommate.
  4. Our statistics shows that the chance of finding a partner increase 12 times for a premium member as compared to just a registered user.

Ans: You can opt not to become a premium member :
  1. If you can wait for weeks to be contacted by other premium members.
  2. If you can easily spend a lot of hard earned money on brokerage.
  3. If you have lot of time so that you can call your friends/brokers and ask them to search for required room/roommates.

Q : 6 Is it possible that I might not find a deal for required room/roommates even after becoming a premium member?
Ans: Yes it is a possibility. For deal to go well it also depends upon various extraneous factors like pricing, location, facilities, terms and conditions set by the tenant and so on, which are beyond the control of this platform. Indianroommate doesn’t give any assurance for finding a right room/roommate/tenant even after being a paid user. However the probability of happening so is pretty remote.

Q : 7 How can I delete my Advertisement?
Ans: It is a very simple process. To delete the advertisement please follow below stated steps:

Login with you E-mail id and password to access your account

On the left hand menu click on the ‘Existing Ads’ and you will be able to see the current existing advertisement.

Click on ‘Delete my advertise’ do discontinue you advertisement on the site.

In future if you want to continue with you advertisement than click on ‘Make it active’ and your advertisement shall be on the site once again.

Q : 8 How much brokerage do you charge once the deal is done?
Ans: We don’t charge any brokerage if the deal is through. Indianroommates is the platform which brings two parties, one who want a room and second who have a room on a common platform. We don’t charge any brokerage amount how big the deal might be. We just charge a small token amount for registered user to become our premium members.

Q : 9 Where should I contact if I face any problem on site while operating it?
Ans: In case you face any problem mail us at We would be eager to resolve any problem faced by the member on top priority.

Q : 10 How do I become a Premium Member?
Ans: Becoming a Premium Member is very simple. To become a Premium Member, you need to login to the site with your Existing Id and Password. Once you are logged into your account you shall find a Button for becoming a Premium Member (On the top right hand side of the screen). Click on the same and choose the Payment Option and Duration of the services you require. On making successful payment, you will become a Premium Member and your advertisement shall be seen on the top, in the city where of your registered.

Q : 11 Why should I Login to the site and check my account regularly?
Ans: The site is designed in such a manner that the advertisement of member logged in last is visible first. Not to mention the fact that the advertisement of Premium Member is visible first as against the registered users. Also by regularly checking your account, you can contact new registrations which occur on daily basis on the site.

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