I am Looking for Semi Furnished, Private Room available in Columbus

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    Posted by Dipankar Chakraborty
    Last Active 13/05/2017

    I am looking for a room within a 2 BHK Apartment; either furnished or unfurnished within maximum 500 USD. I could stay with only one flat mate.

    Room is expected to be spacious and have a closet. Bed and Mattress I would buy. The kitchen and apartment is expected to have a Gas stove for cooking, Microwave, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer and if possible some crockeries and cutleries.

    I am a Software Architect working in ICC, 2500 Corporate Exchange Drive, Would be good if I get a room within 20-25 mins drive.

    Please contact for further discussion .

    Dipankar Chakraborty
    Private Room
    Semi Furnished